SVRA 2013

In March 2013, we were at Sebring International Raceway for the SVRA Spring Vintage Classic with Scott Blackett and his ’67 Camaro. It was a really great event, and all involved really enjoyed it! The event was very well run, and pretty much stayed on-schedule the whole weekend. We were down at Sebring a few weeks earlier for the Porsche Club of America (PCA) 48-Hours at Sebring event. Unfortunately, even though it was the 20th year for that event, it was a fiasco in terms of organization by the host club.

At the SVRA event, the variety of vintage cars was amazing! We got to see so many rare ex-pro cars from recent years and vintage cars, including prototypes. SVRA even arranged for the race cars to be escorted into downtown Sebring and display the cars around the old town square.

There were very few crashes, so our car always came back undamaged, and SVRA is now actually doing technical inspections to make sure the cars are prepared according to the rules, instead of the “run what you brung” attitude that is so prevalent at amateur events these days.

In September of 2012, SVRA was acquired by Texas businessman and Vintage Racer, Tony Parella. Under the new ownership, the organization has embarked on an aggressive program to bring United States vintage racing to a new level of professionalism and prominence. Key elements of this program include; the acquisition of the West Coast Vintage organization, Historic Sportscar Racing–West (HSRWest), now known as SVRA-West, the announcement of a set of simplified set of rules enforcement procedures, and an expansion of its East and West Coast race schedules to a record setting total of 17 events for the 2013 season. Additionally, the emergence of SVRA as Vintage Racing’s only national organization will give competitors an unrivaled opportunity to experience events on both coasts, as well as Vintage Racing’s first ever National Championship. In 2013, the national championship event will be at the new COTA facility in October.

With SVRA's renewed adherence to, and enforcement of, their preparation rules, you can be assured that you have a fair chance to be competitive, and with 3R Racing preparing and supporting your car, your chances of doing well are above average.

At Sebring, Scott Blackett came out of the gate strong, qualifying and finishing first in class in both sprint races and the 90-minute enduro. He also finished in the top-5 of his group in each race. Scott has signed on to do several races in order to chase the championship in both the SVRA Sprint Series and the Keenan Motors Endurance Series. Below are the events he will be doing;

The rules require that you compete in at least 3 SVRA events to be eligible for the sprint championship, and guaranteed an invite to the championship event. Your best 4 races count towards the championship.

3R is actively seeking additional customers to travel along to the SVRA events. Let us know if you are interested in having 3R take your car along as we help Scott Blackett chase the SVRA National Vintage Championship in Group 6 T/A.

In addition to the SVRA events, there are a few interesting vintage events put on by other organizations that some interest has been expressed in doing either this year, or in the future. These are events that have large car counts and a wide variety of vintage cars. They also have large “lifestyle” components to the event with car shows, escorted drives into town for the race cars, etc.

3R is focusing on improving and expanding our amateur customer support programs to offer our customers a level of service that is typically reserved for a professional program. In addition to the best car technicians in the business, we provide meals, snacks and drinks for drivers, guests and crew. We also provide a team manager/race engineer that can help you with data/video analysis and driver debriefs, as well as consulting with the technicians on set-up changes. The team manager also takes photos and posts updates to the 3R Facebook page so your family and friends can follow 3R and see what you are doing. Post-event reports with copies of all documentation from the event are also available.

If there are any events, locally or nationally, that you would like to do, we will be happy to transport and support your car at whatever event you would like to do. Just let us know so we can put together a package for you, and give you the best experience possible at the track.

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