Body & Paint Department

3R Racing started out in the early 80’s as purely a restoration business working on early year Ferraris, Bugattis, Jaguars and other highly valued collector cars, so doing high end body and paint work are services that are essential services that we continue to provide. Today, working on race cars has become an integral segment of our body and paint business so our shop is also well versed in the demands these cars require to have nice paint and bodywork. The owner of 3R is adamant about race cars having nicely fitted and shaped body panels as well as an exceptional paint finish so that the car looks more like a show car than a race car. 3R is also capable of doing body “wraps” as the technology for this application has become more mainstream for race cars that need to integrate sponsorship logo designs into the overall aesthetic of the cars graphic design layout.

Bodywork is a very demanding job that requires a wide variety of fabrication skills. Many of the race car projects we work on require a good deal of custom metal and composite work. Laying in a roll cage, installing a fuel cell, installing seat mount brackets or reshaping body panels to fit wider tires are just a few of the requirements that safe and fast race cars demand. Some of the classic cars our customers bring us require some woodwork repair and refinishing which we are fully capable of doing. We can also design all kinds of custom parts to help with the aerodynamics of your car or improve the visual appeal. For example we can make wings, splitters, diffusers, under body trays and flared fenders all in different kinds materials to help your car be more competitive on the track or visually more aggressive on the road.

3R Racing has provided exceptional paint work since 1979 doing concours type restoration paint work for a variety of customers with many of these cars going on to win top honors at some of the most prestigious car shows in the country. We know how important it is to our customers that the quality of our paint work is second to none so we have acquired the best techs and equipment for our paint department. Whether your paint design ideas are extreme, subtle, or one-of-kind creations, we can handle whatever custom paint work you may want for your race car, classic car, or motorcycle. We can also do custom paint work for, helmets, roll cages, wheels, or individual custom parts. We can implement any design scheme you desire to make your project unique.

If you are interested in finding out more information, learning about our pricing, or scheduling an appointment, call or email us and we will be glad to discuss your needs.

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