Fabrication Department

Here at 3R Racing, we do entire builds and restorations of classic cars, sports cars, show cars, retro rods, race cars, etc. We have many years of experience using traditional materials, “old world” tools and “old world” processes that are needed to do concours d’elegance level restorations of vintage vehicles, to build one-off street cars, and to build some of the fastest vintage racecars in the world.

Fabrication work involves transforming raw metallic and nonmetallic materials, by way of cutting, shaping, bending and joining, of the materials together to form new parts. Many times during a project, components and structures are no longer available as off-the-shelf parts, so producing custom made solutions is a common endeavor in 3R’s Fabrication Department. We have frequently made parts that are no longer available, starting with nothing more than a picture and a few measurements, in order to complete a restoration, or to keep a vintage racecar running.

Using an array of tools, 3R fabricators are capable of producing a wide variety of fabricated solutions to meet the demands of any project. Among their many skills, our fabricators are some of the best welders available, being able to weld exotic and very thin materials.

Additionally, 3R has a lot of experience with the new materials, tools and processes needed to customize, build and race modern cars and exotics, having won multiple professional driver’s and manufacturer’s championships. We can apply this expertise to make your special street car a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle. 3R has also expanded into doing proprietary prototyping and limited production runs of metal and composite transport carts for medical devices, custom aftermarket performance car parts, etc.

3R is more than capable of producing a wide variety of fabricated solutions to meet any project demand that you may have. Our specialty is cars, as our name indicates, but the fabrication skills that are part of our core competencies can be applied to fill the needs of any project you may have.

    Fabrication work we do:
  • Complete race car fabrication
  • Roll cage fabrication
  • Chassis modifications and upgrades
  • Complete custom exhaust
  • Complete suspension modifications
  • Updates for improved driver safety
  • Fastener modifications/upgrades
  • English Wheel work
  • Prototyping components
    Materials we work in:
  • Composites
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Lead
  • Magnesium
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