Parts Department

Listed below are some of the primary vendors we get quality performance car parts and products from. Though we don't stock a large supply of items, we can get most items on short notice. We encourage you to come into 3R Automotive and see how we can improve your motorsports experience. Sorry but no international shipments from our parts department.

3R Automotive Custom Parts

Red Line Synthetic Oil

3R Automotive is one of the largest dealers of Red Line Synthetic Oil products in the Rocky Mountain region. To maintain a competitive edge we offer wholesale and case quantity pricing. We can ship Red Line Synthetic Oil products to your location in our region at a reasonable shipping cost. Call or email us to place your order and, orders received before 3pm MST/MDT will ship the same day.

Goodridge is the world’s leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems. It operates in the OEM, automotive, motorcycle, motorsport, defence and specialist industrial sectors. This dynamic private company manufactures in ten facilities globally and supplies customers around the world with a unique combination of design, innovation, reliability and outstanding service.

With its distinctive gold ECUs and a philosophy of engineering excellence, MoTeC has grown from a modest home workshop producing a screwdriver-adjusted ECU in the late 1980s to a world leader in twenty-first century motorsport technology. Now boasting a network of over two hundred authorised dealers worldwide, and with main offices in Europe and the USA, this innovative Australian brand has become synonymous with motor racing success in almost every category across the globe.

Motul Brake Fluid

"The key to success in a car building project is access to high quality, reasonably priced parts that get the job done right."

Motul Brake Fluid

Motul Brake Fluid

Hoosier Racing Tire

Today, Hoosier is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world, and all Hoosier race tires are still proudly "Made in the USA."

Ate Brake Fluid

Ate Brake Fluid

Racetech Seats

Race Seats and Harnesses

Schroth harnesses

Schroth Harnesses

Aurora Bearing Company

Rod ends and spherical bearings.


Performance Brake Pads.

Performance Friction Brakes

Racing champions know Performance Friction Brakes. Hundreds of races and more than 1,500 championships have been won on Performance Friction Carbon Metallic® pads, ranging from NASCAR Winston Cup to IndyCar to the Australian Porsche Cup. Last year alone, over 120 racing champions all over the world drove to victory on Performance Friction brakes.


Harnesses, Window Nets, Etc.


We have also been designing, producing and marketing high-performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers vehicular, off-road, industrial, construction and stationary product manufacturers for more than 30 years. And since 1985, we have been producing a wide range of aftermarket products such as power window kits, power door locks, vehicle security systems, cameras, monitors and parking sensors.

K&P Engineering Oil Filters

Manufacturer of the world's finest oil filter! Setting the industry standard with technological advancements and product design. Over 13 years of stainless steel oil filter engineering, manufacturing and testing. Technical and sales support available directly from the factory 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. Filter media testing available. Sonic cleaning services available

In 1975, OS Giken made it's memorable entry into the racing world with the its unparalleled Four Valve DOHC TC16-MAII/TC24-B1 engine and firmly established itself as one Japan's most innovative race engineering companies. Because all of OS Giken's designs and concepts are based on sound engineering and quality manufacturing, their reputation for reliable performance and durability is unparalleled.

Brembo Brakes

Brembo started to produce brake discs for cars in 1964 and brake systems for motorcycles in 1972, while in 1975 the company ventured into Formula 1, supplying its own braking systems for Ferrari GP cars. During this half century, through technological innovation and continuous research into materials and manufacturing processes, Brembo has become one of the world's most prestigious brands.

CVJ Axles Inc. began in 1986 in Denver Colorado with the purpose of filling the need for quality remanufactured Front Wheel Drive axles in the Denver area. As a result of CVJ's high quality and friendly service, we have expanded both geographically and in product lines over the years. We have been careful not to grow too fast so as not to give up quality or service.

Ron Davis Radiators

There are many aluminum radiator manufacturers around, and the term "quality" gets thrown around a lot. Ron Davis Racing Products uses a completely different approach to quality. Most businesses have to compromise between quality, costs, pricing, speed and customer service. Ron Davis runs the company with the idea that quality is everything, and every radiator will be perfect, or he will just close the doors. He has always believed that if you build the best, you only compete with yourself and will always have a market for those who demand the finest.

Ohlin Shocks

Öhlins USA is the North American distributor and principal service center of the world’s-leading performance suspension components for motor vehicles, from two to four wheels. Öhlins suspension components transform a vehicle’s performance more than any other modification, improving acceleration, handling, and braking in every condition and extreme. Öhlins USA specializes in the technology of fun.

Fresh Air Systems Technology

Since 1982, Fresh Air Systems has been a well know brand name in all venues of racing. We began our business by bringing filtered air to drivers' helmets to cool, clean, and fogging. F.A.S.T. was borne of an idea that drivers were breathing too much track dust from under the helmets, primarily in dirt racing. Asphalt drivers followed suit, learning that by adding an air intake filtering system they can breathe less track contaminants, and better quality air will benefit their performance on the track.

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