3R Racing and Povoledo team up once again with sights set on winning.

3R Racing is proud to announce Pro driver Aaron Povoledo as their new Director of Motorsports.  Povoledo comes to the company not just as a proven winning driver, but as a highly experienced and regarded motorsport expert in the fields of car set up, driver coaching and team management.

Povoledo’s role within the organization will be three fold:

  • Lead the team back into Pro racing as well as Club racing both as a driver and a manager.
  • Develop and host a regular High Performance Lapping/Testing event
  • Serve as a consultant to all 3R customers, to help realize their racing and driving goals.

Details and dates for the new “3R Racing – Povoledo Track Days” will be announced in the next week.  Meanwhile Povoledo has already spent a week in Colorado at 3R Racing headquarters as well as a trip to High Plains Raceway to begin work with some of the existing 3R Racing clients.

“We feel that Aaron is the perfect man to help lead 3R back into racing because his level of expertise is very deep as well as diverse.  Not only is he one of the best in terms of being fast, winning races and setting up cars, he is also one of the top driver coaches in North America.  In addition to that he has a lot of experience setting up, staffing and running racing teams, not to mention creating and running his own lapping day events.  In my mind he’s THE one stop shop to help put the Racing back in 3R Racing.”

  • Dax Raub – CEO 3R Racing    

”To me 3R has always epitomized what a world class racing organization should always be:  Excellence in engineering, competence and pragmatism in the field, the burning passion to win, and a will to work as hard and long as it takes to do so. 

Success is not about the will to win….everybody wants to win, that’s a given.  It is the WILL TO PREPARE TO WIN that denotes true champions.  In my mind 3R has always proven to be one of those rare groups that have always understood that, always put in the countless hours behind the scenes and always gone the extra mile.  They are old school, no BS, real racers.   

Getting the phone call to come race for 3R Racing was one of the proudest days of my life.  Getting the phone call to come help lead them back into motorsport is a whole different level.  Together we have so much energy to give to this sport…and so much more Champagne yet to spray!”

  • Aaron Povoledo

A History of Winning Together:

10 years ago Povoledo was introduced to 3R by fellow Pro driver (4 time WC
Champion) Randy Pobst who brought Aaron along to many of his races as his
personal driver coach!  Simply put Randy respected Aaron’s abilities as a driver and a driving coach so highly that he thought it would be another string in his bow to have Aaron’s extra set of eyes on the job.

Two years later Bob and Dax Raub brought in Povoledo as the lead driver on the team’s new factory Volvo C30, in effort to run in the World Challenge Touring car division. Together they took 4 wins and a record 6 Pole positions that season.  The full story behind the scenes was even more impressive.   3R was given just three months to take a car that had never been raced and make it pro race ready. The fact that they had two cars on the grid for the season opener in St. Petersburg that season was a testimony to the sheer brain power, passion and hard work of the 3R staff.  The fact that they won and set fastest lap by round 3 was a testimony to how fast and effective the combination of Dax Raub, his crew at 3R and Povoledo had already become.  In less than 8 months they had gone from an idea to what was one of the best all round Touring cars of the era.

Background Info on Povoledo:

Aaron Povoledo’s career began with karting and quickly moved forward with great success in Formula cars both in England and Canada.  After winner the World Scholarship from Jim Russell Racing UK, Povoledo was voted by Autosport magazine as one of the top five up-and-coming drivers in the U.K. and then went on to further open wheel success with the Player’s Forsythe program in North America.

A successful switch to sports car racing has seen Povoledo notch up many wins and pole positions in both IMSA and Pirelli World Challenge. Between these two series Aaron shares success with such notable teams as 3R K-PAX Racing, Compass 360, GSP Racing, Musante/Courtney Lamborghini, DXDT and Conquest Racing.

Povoledo’s career as a professional coach has paralleled his racing endeavors.  While racing in the UK Povoledo was trained to be a driver coach by the prestigious Jim Russell School.  Since then he has gone on to work for nearly every race, rally, exotic car, skid pad and diffusive driver training school in England, Canada and America.  Coupled with his extensive studies into sports psychology, Povoledo has become one of the most sought after private coaches in North America.

Recognized as an expert in motorsports and driver coaching Povoledo has written for, and been published by Grass Roots Motorsport Magazine, Performance Racing News, Road&Track and many others.