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When it comes to vehicle performance, nothing affects your ability to accelerate, turn and stop as much as how the tires make contact with the road and how the car’s weight is distributed. While it is easy to think that installing great suspension parts is the key, the secret sauce is to utilize your suspension packages adjustability to properly setup your car’s alignment and weight distribution through a process called alignment and corner balancing. (Learn about the aspects adjusted by clicking here)

A corner balanced vehicle will not only optimize the distribution of the vehicles weight over the tires, it will take into account the drivers weight, position and how the car is being used. As not every vehicle is 100% track use 3R stays mindful of how suspension adjustments affect tire wear for street use vehicles. This fine tuning of weight distribution and tire wear translates into the ideal performance for the the cars uses.

At 3R’s Denver Colorado motorsports facility, we have track veteran technicians using precision equipment and a proprietary customer interview process. When you come in for an alignment and corner balance you can trust that we are focusing our decades of experience on you and your goals. Don’t worry if you need help defining your goals, we can support you in this way as well.

To schedule an alignment and corner balance contact us and let us know about your project and goals.

Corner Balancing is key as chassis and suspension get stiffer and is beneficial for any vehicle with upgraded springs and adjustable perches. Ride height adjustments and corner balancing uses the same adjusters but are independent of each other.

corner balancing and performance alignments

Corner balancing is just one step of performing a “setup” on a car.

set up versus alignment
the more you know - corner balancing notes