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Imagine going to the track with one of the top Pro drivers and coaches in the country; now also imagine being supported by one of the top Pro race teams as well…


Welcome to 3R Racing Driver & Car Development Track Days


How to Test and Train like a Pro Driver with a Pro Team


Our goal is to show you how to get the very most out of yourself, your car and most importantly your time at the track using the same methods a professional team does during an event weekend.


We offer in-depth driver training & vehicle support to drivers at all levels in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you have support from a team or crew looking for quality testing or you’re a solo driver looking to improve your lap times, we offer the analytics and support to help you achieve your driving goals.

Event Details:

Announcing 2020 dates soon!

High Plains Raceway

Early Bird Price: $625

Track Day Package includes:

  • Open Track / Open Passing all Day – Limited to 20 cars – Low traffic to optimize your time
  • Less cost than a semi-exclusive track day.
  • Corner by corner detailed track walk / tour just like the pros!
  • All-day track-side 3R Racing engineering support
  • Driver Coaching – Classroom Sessions
  • Detailed Video Reviews – See yourself on track!
  • Open to drivers at all levels!
  • 1-on-1 vehicle assessment packages available (only 4 available)
  • 7:00 AM gates open – 5:00 PM track cold
  • Garage space available to rent through High Plains Raceway

Open to drivers of all abilities

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Event Details

driver development track days track tour with Aaron Povoledo

“The real racing line – not the DE line”

Track Tour

At each Event Aaron will conduct his well renowned corner by corner track tour pointing out details such as visual anchors, elevation, cambers and changes in grip levels that are hard to discover at track pace. Unlike a traditional track walk we will drive our cars to each corner and hop out for a detailed examination of the tarmac. Then we drive to the next corner and repeat. Most participants claim to improve by a minimum of .5 seconds from the track tour alone. Be sure to keep your pen and note pad or tablet handy!

“Check your tire pressures and temps just like the pros!”

Full Time Pit Lane Support

The first step to perfecting your cars set up is reading your tires. To achieve maximum results this must be done immediately as you enter your pit box. By the time you remove safety restraints and your helmet and get out of the vehicle to do it yourself, it’s already too late. 3R Racing will provide a full time pit lane support crew that will check tire pressures and temperatures for any of our drivers that need it. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this free service. All the top professional engineers and teams know that it is the first step to making your car go faster.

driver development track days pit support tire pressure check
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“See yourself on track from a different perspective”

Corner Spotting Video Review

Video review is one of the most important tools for athlete development for any sport at all levels. As a teenager working at the racing schools of the U.K., Povoledo was trained in the skills of reading a car’s “body language” and the drivers inputs by standing at the corners and watching. Today using a video camera we film key corners all day long and dissect and analyze the videos in a relaxed classroom setting. This provides an extra level of detail and learning for our drivers. You will be amazed at what you can learn through this important perspective and technique.

“Open Track, No waiting!”

No Run Groups / No Passing Rules

We cater to serious drivers and race teams looking to get meaningful lapping and testing done in a professional structured atmosphere. The track is open all day and passing is open.  This means there is no waiting for your run group and no waiting for that “point by”

“We believe the key to getting your time & money’s worth at the track is having clear, traffic free laps”

20 Car Limit

To truly maximize your time we limit our events to 20 cars so there is never too much traffic. Our goal is to create the best atmosphere for quality testing short of renting the track for yourself. With the combination of a low car count, open passing and no run groups the natural flow of traffic spreads itself out. Rarely do we have more than 10 cars on track at a time. We believe this is the key to creating a truly rare and high-quality event.

“Customize a day to YOUR exact schedule”

4.5 Hours of Track Time

Our open track policy means you can customize a day to your exact schedule. You came to drive, test, improve and most importantly have fun. We want you to spend as much time on the track as you can honing your craft while enjoying our full compliment of fun, informative workshops. Do you have a minor hardware issue that needs attention? Do you want to make a set up change? Take your time and do it right without worrying if you’ll miss your next session. Have a business call or an email that you really should respond to? Take your time, the track is open for you all day.

One on One Vehicle Assessment: Only 4 Available per event

Ever wonder what a pro driver would think of your car’s set up or how fast it still might be able to go? Ever wonder what a top engineer would do to improve your car? Chief engineer Dax Raub and Aaron Povoledo have a proven record of tuning cars with incredible efficiency and together they will focus on your car. Aaron will drive your car on track and get a proper analysis on its handling and performance. Dax will then make changes based on Aaron’s feedback and evaluate again. If your car has data analysis or video you can reference yourself against Aaron driving and see exactly where the differences lie and where there may be any simple corrections to be had.

1-on-1 Session includes:

  • Handling evaluation
  • 1 pit lane adjustment
  • Reference Lap Data
  • 1 on 1 coaching experience
  • 45min – 1hr session

Limited to 4 drivers/cars only

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