The need to modify and create arise frequently in the world of motorsports and 3R’s fabrication department is up to the task. Whether you seek a perfect fit roll cage, heat exchanger shrouds or a one-off chassis our staff can turn your dreams into reality.

At our Denver Colorado facility, we employ seasoned craftsmen with combined experience in the decades. They utilize our measuring, cutting, bending, machining, welding and molding equipment to produce the vision of our valued customers.

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Engineering & Design


If you need assistance bringing your idea to fruition we can help too. We utilize SOLIDWORKS 3D design software to engineer components from the ground up. Our years of understanding the rigorous and often extreme forces of the motorsports world has afforded a solid foundation of research, development, testing and quality assurance.

Chassis & Roll Cage Building


3R Racing is among the few shops who build street or motorsport chassis from the ground up. You can rest assured that your roll cage or chassis will meet the safety requirements for your motorsport class or intended use.


We also have experience creating and modifying many vehicle systems components such as exhaust systems, heat exchanger shrouds, intercooler and water delivery tubing, and fluid reservoirs.


We work with composite materials too! Click the button below to see some examples of our carbon fiber, fiberglass and other projects.