3R Racing has years of experience working with all types of composite materials. Whether you’re looking to start a project from scratch or looking to repair a cracked carbon fiber splitter we have the tools and experience to help you bring your project to life.

Porsche 991 911 side splitters - Pikes peak hill climb - Porsche colorado springs

Photo Left: 991 Porsche 911 carbon fiber side splitters for Porsche of Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Hill Climb race car.



Photo Right: Carbon fiber beauty covers for a Shelby Cobra roll cage before trimming

Shelby Cobra cage beauty covers

These carbon fiber 991 911 side splitters are extremely light, yet strong enough to stand on when mounted to the vehicle.

porsche 911 Pikes Peak Hill Climb - Porsche colorado springs
XVIVO medical cars molding

Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding

Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding or VARTM for short is used to create aerospace grade components without the use of a very expensive autoclave. During this process we seal the mold in plastic and create a vacuum on the mold. We then fill our resin tank with resin and open a flow valve where the resin travels from the tank to the mold under the vacuum we created.

XVIVO medical carts molding 2
custom fabricated land rover defender center console

Custom center console and dashboard center section from a Land Rover D110 project.

custom fabricated dash
volvo s60 custom carbon fiber hood

Photo Left: The carbon fiber hood is the first of 3 versions from our S60 Volvo program with K-PAX racing. The hood was developed, and wind tunnel tested in house with chief engineer Dax Raub.


Photo Right: We recently completed some OE style fender liner mounts for a Ford F-150. These were molded from textured ABS plastic.

Ford F150 Custom fender liners